Body Weight Exercises Without Equipment

Bodyweight exercises are an excellent way to incorporate both strength and cardio conditioning all in one workout — best of all, they can be done anywhere, with no equipment. You can mix and match these exercises to create a circuit, add them into a regular workout, or use them for a warmup. They’re great to […]


Sweetheart Yana – Fitness

Welcome! Over the course of my fitness blogs I will cover what are the most requested topics in the fitness world with information and studies from the leaders and foremost authorities. Free Weights and Machines Cardio – Running – Walking – Biking HIIT – Hi-Intensity Interval Training Circuit Training TRX Suspension Training Cross Fit Yoga:  Bikram […]


Sweetheart – Yana

Yana’s Story My journey started from a small town in Siberia where I was a very active and positive kid. I had great parents who were very supportive, positive and loving to me. At 3 years old I was diagnosed with a congenital kidney pathology and would require surgery to correct. After the surgery while […]