It happened two years ago having lunch at a restaurant in San Diego, California with a good friend. The discussion turned to; what do you think is one of the most powerful words in the world in any language. After writing down words that might fit, it then became so easy.

The word LOVE.

Soon afterward a logo was then born out of LOVE.
That was the beginning of Love Line USA…Your Ultimate Online Fashion Destination.
A team then began to form with the brand LOVE logo our Inspiration.
It was a long and winding road to bring us 2 years later to this launch.
And we’re really proud of our product line.

Our promise is to grow our line with a variety of essential fashion related pieces every girl and woman is looking for. During the last two years our team of specialists have studied what’s trending and in style with the seasons and holidays. For our initial product launch we will bring you a fresh new direction in style, quality and value in all sizes.

With a wide selection of clothing and accessories, versatile pieces can be worn separately or matched.
We invite you to create a look that is effortless, confident and undeniably your lifestyle.
The more comfortable you are with your own style, the more confident you’ll feel.

We don’t want you to think we’ve figured it all out, that’s why we want your feedback on what you’d like to see in the Love Line USA product line. Your feedback on how we can improve your experience on the website.

We will do our best to have it all so you can do some crazy shopping straight from your sofa.

“If Better is Possible, Good Is Not Enough”

The Love Line USA team