Check Out These Tips

Runners: Think miles not minutes

When you’re heading out for a run aim for a specific distance rather then a length of time to make sure you don’t short change your workout, suggests new research presented at the American College of Sports Medicine. In a study, one group of exercisers was instructed to walk or run 30 minutes a day and increase to 60 minutes a day, and another group was given a daily distance goal that was equivalent in calories burned. The distance group lost about 9lbs while the time group gained a couple. Cody Morris Ph.D explains distance is nonnegotiable so you get the full body benefits.

Breathing: Breathe to a fitter you

Heavy Lifting: Inhale (through your nose as with all general exercise) before you lift. then as you lift the weight briefly close your airway(almost as holding your breath) so that no air escapes as you forcefully attempt to exhale says Tony Mikla conditioning specialist and the performance physical therapy manager for the Exos training center in Phoenix.

Steady Runs: Use an even ratio of respiration to steps, Mikla says. Example; breathe in for two to four strides then out for an equal number. You need a balanced amount of oxygen coming in and CO2 going out in order to facilitate muscle contraction. This makes for an ideal exchange.

Sprinting: During the acceleration phase take a deep breath, then consistently exhale for for seconds; Mikla says this will help to increase your power.

Yoga: Breathe in and out through your nose with equal length inhales and exhales. “This calms the central nervous system” says Tanya Boulton a yoga teacher in NYC.

Here’s to getting better body results