Sweetheart – Yana


Yana’s Story

My journey started from a small town in Siberia where I was a
very active and positive kid.
I had great parents who were very supportive, positive and loving to me.

At 3 years old I was diagnosed with a congenital kidney pathology and would require
surgery to correct. After the surgery while in recovery the doctor’s discovered I had asthma.
They started treating me with medications. I had an allergic reaction to one of the medications and the
nightmare began. I couldn’t eat nutrition properly, I couldn’t sleep because of the medication reaction and
I couldn’t breath very good because of the asthma attacks almost every night.
With the help and caring from my parents I am happy to say it’s been approximately 20 years
since my last asthma attack.
I didn’t know yet but those experiences started to mold my thinking as
to what I would pursue in my future years.

When I was 5 years old, my grandmother took me to a big ballroom dancing
contest. I liked it so much I was mesmerized and motivated watching the
contestants. So the very next week I was enrolled and started attending the
dancing school. During the classes I was also learning how to act, gymnastics
classes, and practicing with a dance a partner.

One day while I was in rehearsal for a big dance completion a woman from a
nearby modeling school showed up to observe the rehearsal. She was looking for
potential kids to possibly join her studio. Her initial requirements were tall
and skinny. I was one of the kid’s she picked and that’s how my modeling career
started. In fact my runway walk was so successful a reporter attending the show
wrote an article about me in the local newspaper.

I thought that I conquered all the obstacles in my journeys path but there was one more obstacle in my path to conquer.
At 9 years old I got into a car accident and severely broke my leg. The doctor’s prognosis was that I may never walk again. There was no way was I going to accept that. So with hard work everyday it took me quite a while to recover and re-train my body how to walk again.
Mission accomplished and full speed ahead.

Skipping to age 16, I started attending St.-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. At age
21 I graduated with a business degree.
I thought my career goals after graduating might be limited where I was at so I moved to the “Land of Opportunity”, the
United States. I thought this would be the right place for a girl with my ambitions and drive.
My initial goal was to enroll in school for the MBA program.
After a year, I realized that it might not be the right fit for me.
Since I was always interested in movies, the workings in front of the camera and behind the camera.
Yes, I applied for entrance to the LA Film School.
I have graduated from the Business Entertainment Program in March of the year 2015.
This has enhanced my understanding of business relationships.
The life lessons learned to this point are priceless.
I am an advocate of Health, Fitness and Nutrition

To be continued…….

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